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Planning  Commission Meeting Agenda -

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Town Of Red River – Plan Commission

Agenda for:  Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019 @ 7:30 PM           




1)    Call to order, Roll call and declaration of a quorum

2)    Reading and approval of previous minutes

3)    Secretary report from Town Board Meeting & Board of Adjustments



4)    New business:

a)  Public Hearing -

Denise Reince Gonzales & Louis Gonzales, N9254 Reince Lane Luxemburg, WI, are requesting a Conditional Use Permit for Parcel 31 018 10.012.

Regarding section 10.0305, paragraph D, line 13 of the Town of Red River Zoning Ordinance, to run a Home Business on their property, a small engine repair business.


b)   Public Hearing -

Mark & Sandra Lefabvre @ N8465 Frisque Lane, Parcel 31 018 22.011, 18.26 acres, zoned A-1, would like to split the parcel into 2 parcels & have the new parcels rezoned accordingly.

One (1) parcel being 7.005 acres (where the primary residence is currently located). While the other parcel will be 11.255 acres.        

Both parcels would need to be rezoned to LE – Large Estate



5)    Old Business

6)    Adjournment



                                                     Michael Vandervest        

                                                     Red River Plan Commission Secretary        



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