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Planning  Commission Meeting Agenda -

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Town Of Red River Plan Commission

Agenda for:  Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 @ 7:30 PM   


1)    Call to order, Roll call and declaration of a quorum

2)    Reading and approval of previous minutes

3)    Secretary report from Town Board Meeting & Board of Adjustments



4)    New business:

a)   Troy Enderby (Enderby Custom Work LLC) would like to talk about building a shed on his property, parcel # 31 018 29.09, located at N7757 Tonet Rd.

(1)  Update – Per ACT 67, Regarding Conditional Use Permits, a Public Meeting must be held.

b)   The use of ATV’s & or UTV’s on Town Roads – Kewaunee County wide Ordinance.

c)   CenturyLink would like to put telecommunication cables in the right a way of several county & town roads. Along with an equipment site at the corners of AB & County Line  Road

d)   Appointed Town positions - terms coming due at the end of the year – 2018

i)     Jay Lax – Zoning Administrator

ii)    Mike DeJardin – Planning Commission

iii)   Mike Vandervest – Secretary Planning Commission

iv)   Brian Boulanger – Board of Adjustments

v)    Diane Dorner – Board of Adjustments

e)   Discussion of raising the fee’s/rates for Building Permits & Culvert Permit

i)     Building Permits

(1)  Currently at $1.30 per $1000 of construction over the $10,000 min.

(2)  Purposing to raise the rate to $1.50 per $1000 of construction over the $10,000 min.

ii)    Culverts Permits

(1)  Currently no fee charged

(2)  Purposing to charge a $50.00 fee

f)   Purpose setting Zoning Administrators hours & days of service

g)   Purpose the purchase of a Town owned laptop & printer


5)    Old Business

6)    Adjournment


Respectfully submitted by:                                                                                    

Michael Vandervest           

Red River Plan Commission Secretary  


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